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TEDxABQ ED: Creating Critical Thinkers Through Media Literacy

“Once students know how to deconstruct media, they have gained a super power.”
–Andrea Quijada, TEDxABQ, January 11, 2013

Joseph, an eighth grade student, attended a Media Literacy Project training last year and in his evaluation, shared, “Media literacy connects school to my real life. So, it’s something I can use every day.” MLP Executive Director Andrea Quijada shared Joseph’s story, as well as her own, on stage at TEDxABQED earlier this year. TEDxABQ is an outgrowth of TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design), founded in 1984 as a global set of conferences to disseminate "ideas worth spreading."

3 days after the Youtube release of Andrea’s talk “Creating Critical Thinkers Through Media Literacy,” the video already had approximately 600 views. Beginning with a personal account about her early introduction to media literacy by her parents, Andrea walked the capacity audience (over 300 people) through examples of advertisement deconstruction and reconstruction by teenagers like Joseph. Invoking her favorite superhero, Wonder Woman, Andrea asked the audience to consider media literacy education as a way to give students the ability to navigate the seven and a half hours of media they are bombarded with a day.

MLP is proud of Andrea for putting together a passionate and well-delivered TED Talk, and sharing the critical work we do with an audience of educators, administrators, lawmakers and decision makers. We encourage you to watch the video and share it with your networks.

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